How will you benefit?

Both your talent and your organisation will profit greatly from investing in coaching. To demonstrate the results for your organisation, we will, both beforehand and afterwards, perform a survey of productivity to calculate ROI.

Scientific research shows that coaching improves:

  • Relations ↑ 77%
  • Cooperation ↑ 76%
  • Employee satisfaction ↑ 61%
  • Productivity ↑ 53%
  • Quality ↑ 48%

– The Manchester Review, 2001, Volume 6, Number 1.

Research into the effectivity of training combined with coaching shows that after receiving training, productivity increased by 22.4%. When coaching was provided as a follow-up, productivity rose to 88.4%.

– Public Personnel Management Journal, by F. Turner, PhD. CEO Refresher, 2001.

Another research shows that lack of coaching causes 87% of the skills learned during training to be lost.

–Business Wire, July 30, 2001