Reaction Karen Brouwer

Karen Brouwer, senior training consultant GdF Suez

1. What was the reason for you/your company to offer this programme to Management Potentials?

GDF SUEZ Energy Netherlands has set up a development course for Management Potentials that is based on coaching and peer review. The focus of the development course is on personal development. We feel that finding out what your talents and challenges are en route to a strategic leadership position, is best done by means of reflecting on the way you function in daily work practice. Coaching and peer review are the perfect tools for this. When it turns out that someone lacks the skills necessary to take the next step, training can also be an option.

2. How do you like working with Szegedi coaching & training? What do you like/appreciate and what could be improved?

This is the third year that Szegedi coaching & training has organised the coaching and peer review sessions. Kim’s personality and expertise are of great added value to the way the project is set up and executed. She provides ideas, has a non-intrusive way of giving feedback and is also open to receiving feedback. She really understands the target group and her way of coaching (friendly, non-judgemental, curious but also sharp and confrontational, but always aimed at the positive, at progress) causes people to really grow.

3. What, in your eyes, are the strong points of this programme?

The power of the programme is to be found in several aspects:

  1. Direct and personal contact with Management Potentials
  2. Combination of Personal Development Plan with clear goals, activities and periodic consultations
  3. Combination coaching and peer review causes Management Potentials to reflect on their personal development both individually and with colleagues
  4. Cooperation Szegedi Coaching & Training and GDF SUEZ HR Development

Practical tie-in with daily practices as a result of three-way conversations with management.

4. How many points out of ten would you give Szegedi coaching & training?


5. What does GDF SUEZ get out of investing in the programme?

Management Potentials and their superiors and mentors who are all working on their personal development. An expected spin off is that they will be more open to the personal development of colleagues and future employees.

Management Potentials and their superiors and mentors who know where their strengths lie and what is in need of further development, and who shape their careers in a more conscious way.

A clear programme for Management Potentials, ideal for recruiting good members of staff.

6. Would you recommend the programme to other organisations?

Definitely. Kim Szegedi is very capable of adapting the programme to the wishes and conditions of an organisation, without losing sight of her own quality requirements.